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One Summer. Five Huge Syndicate Wins!

365Lotto players have been celebrating all summer-long after a crazy few months which has seen 5 of our Syndicates win huge amounts of money.

It’s been a truly unforgettable summer for hundreds of 365Lotto players!

Unlike regular lotto players who only have a few chances to win the jackpot, 365Lotto players each have hundreds of chances to win big every week.

And, this summer, all those chances created FIVE major Syndicate wins.

The summer’s biggest win came when one of our lucky syndicates won $963K (€863K) on Powerball on June 13th.

Eight days earlier on June 5th another Syndicate cashed in with a €380K win on Germany’s 6 Aus 49.

Earlier this month on August 8th another Syndicate won €416K on EuroMillions.

And, back in May we had two massive Syndicate wins just a few days apart from each other with one Syndicate winning €250K on EuroMillions and another €460K on EuroJackpot.

But why are so many 365Lotto players winning? The answer is fairly simple - it’s winning made easy!

Our Syndicate massively increase your chances of winning a share of a huge jackpot by providing you with more lines at an affordable price.

They remove the hassle of having to remember to buy new lines for different lotteries each week. Our Syndicates provide you with hundreds of lines for different jackpots.

They provide so much more choice! You can choose to join Syndicates featuring only your favourite lottery, or you can select a Syndicate with lots of different lotteries in it!